⚠ This site is 10 years old. I haven't been passionate about keeping up a personal site since I created this. Please don't mistake this as being indicitive of the quality work I am capable of. ✌️ ryan.navaroli@gmail.com

At a Glance

  • Site design (X/HTML CSS)
  • Logo and Visual Identity
  • Custom CMS creation
  • Javascript and jQuery style and AJAX requests
  • SQL database interfacing and set up
  • Wordpress Theme Design and Plugin Development
  • and much more, just ask!

Services in Depth

Recently, I have specialized in hard coding sites from hand and also building sites that utilize Wordpress as a back-end. That said, I am by no means limited to that. I enjoy taking projects from start to finish and I think you'll find that I am enthusiastic about whatever I may be working on and if you are uncertain about any aspect of a project I will be right there to plan and brainstorm with you.

I am currently located in San Diego, CA, so if you want that personal touch then I hope you are near-by, but I have worked with clients solely through email, phone, and Skype.

I am available for a wide variety of web and multimedia tasks. If you find something not listed that you would be specifically interested in then by all means make a request. Even if it is not the right project for me, chances are I will be able to steer you in the direction of the right person.

I hope you have found the information you are looking for, so why don't you go ahead and...

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