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Interpersonal Relations CMS

Launch Sandbox Demonstration


Description:I was approached for this project as a follow up to a machinima video (A Night on the Town) that was created two years prior. The idea was to create a simple survey CMS where research participants would be prompted by questions, data to be collected, and for there to be an interactive piece in the middle of it that utilizes flash video playback, interactivity, and actionscript 2.0. This project continued to expand and is now a rich, data collection tool. Survey features include 8 varied configurable question types, multiple logical path creation, page content creation, and data retrieval via spreadsheet.

  • Tech Used:
  • » X/HTML
  • » CSS
  • » PHP
  • » MYSQL
  • » jQuery
  • » Flash
  • » AS2
  • » Adobe CS
  • Tags:
  • » Site Design