⚠ This site is 10 years old. I haven't been passionate about keeping up a personal site since I created this. Please don't mistake this as being indicitive of the quality work I am capable of. ✌️ ryan.navaroli@gmail.com
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Last updated 10/26/2010

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I began exploring web technologies at the age of 14. Initially, I made fan web sites, flash animations, and tiny interactive pieces. Soon into my post secondary education, after gaining knowledge in networking and hardware, I decided to shift my focus to a more creative field. I transferred into the Interactive Multimedia program in the School of Visual Communications at Ohio University. I learned a wide variety of multimedia techniques including web design, print and publication, graphic design, audio editing, video editing, animation, interactive flash actionscript, and photography. My education culminated in the award winning production of the original Soul of Athens.

Desiring perspective after finishing my degree, I decided to travel. I've spent extended time in a variety of locations, aided in disaster relief cleanup of the Mississippi flooding in Iowa and Illinois, backpacked the Appalachian Trail for nearly six months covering 1400 miles, or the distance from Georgia to Massachusetts, and finally road tripped the West for three months. Throughout these experiences I maintained my job as the general manager with my local cinema and kept myself abreast of trends and changing technologies.

In addition to my regular job, I have been doing freelance work for the last two years. I have embarked on projects large and small and now enjoy the ability to take projects from A to Z, concept to completion. I have over 5 years experience working with websites in HTML and CSS and 2 years experience with PHP, SQL, and Javascript. I recently relocated from Athens, Ohio to San Diego, California. I have been employeed at Switchvox/Digium a VoIP telephony company since October of 2010. I hold the position of software engineer and my tasks largely include front-end development in javascript (prototype framework) and perl back-end development.

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